Angels and Moths

If a man once loved you,
he’s turned you into a moth.
That’s how he’ll remember
the flutter: that numinous,
that beating, that winged.
Angels and moths:
that’s who men love.
But I don’t recollect like that.
I don’t think I ever loved
that gently. And I’ve never
flown toward a burning
house, hoping, maybe
my faith lay in that
single thing left,
in that smoldering filigree.
I never reminisce
a sorrow that delicately shaped.
But sometimes I feel someone remembering
me that way: translucent,
crazy, awake only at night.
He’s regretting his fingertips
were not wide or soft enough.
He’s mourning me now.
He’s imaging me eating away
at someone else’s light.
And that’s perfect.
That’s exactly how
he always wanted to love
me. My wings, my hair-like antennae
my frenulum
between his forefinger
and his thumb.

– Olena Kalytiak Davis

oh, but i do.

i do love that way.


One thought on “Angels and Moths

  1. Male moths follow the pheromones put out by the female when she’s ready for mating. So little moth, put out the pheromones in front of a bug zapper and when he comes, why, move quickly to the right and smile.

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