Darlings, allow for a moment …

Darlings, allow for a moment that you can hold all your hearts require. The world is so much bigger than these towns. You don’t have to think less to live smaller in scale. Don’t block the view. Choose who you make your home with carefully. Choose to honor and admire, to be relished and esteemed. What you feel is real. What is real is what you feel. This is true only in each moment. It isn’t until you ask the stars for the key to your affection, until you articulate your desire, that your dreams can materialize. Such ambitions need your voice to fuel forward. So hike up your hems, stand on your tiptoes, inch closer in line, and be an omnivore of delight. The Earth is full of people and paper and pens and time. It can be enough, I promise. Connect the dots. Creativity is only a matter of matching this with that, reconceiving wheels, and taking someone somewhere. Test your pleasures. Dependence is measured in your ability to choose proximity. Don’t BE because you feel you must; choose to be present to prove your pleasures, fulfill the desires only stars know, and hold close all that your heart requires. Every day can be your delight.


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