There was a day …

There was a day
when I was an equation of one.
and you were the same.
each of us spinning, individually in our own worlds.
and then, we collided with the force of a thousand stars.
the sparks, oh they flew.
lighting fires everywhere they fell.
and then we were two, together.
the moon and the tide.
you became the thing i knew best.
and it filled our lungs and bodies and hearts until there were no more crevices left to reach
and she became of the excess
brown eyes and a brave heart
and the spillover of all our new found purpose and love
handed us a baby boy too.
fate just plunked him down in our arms
and we looked at each other and at them with dizzy amazement
(and a little disbelief)
It started from something so small.
two individuals in their own worlds
until a crash created a life
It’s hard to believe sometimes
that we made all of this
that we were one, then two, then three and now four.
a family.



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