girl talk.

girl 1: what do you think it is, about men who write? girl 2: i don’t think it’s so much about men who write. it’s more about men who think. the writers among them just have proof.


Wait, for now. Distrust everything, if you have to. But trust the hours. Haven’t they carried you everywhere, up to now? Personal events will become interesting again. Hair will become interesting. Pain will become interesting. Buds that open out of season will become lovely again. Second-hand gloves will become lovely again, their memories are what… Read More Wait

To The Muse

I don’t blame you, I know The place where you lie. I admit everything. But look at me. How can I live without you? Come up to me, love, Out of the river, or I will Come down to you. – James Wright

because it’s

because it’s Spring thingS dare to do people (& not the other way round)because it ’s A pril Lives lead their own persons(in stead of everybodyelse’s)but what’s wholly marvellous my Darling is that you & i are more than you & i(be ca us e It’s we) – e.e. cummings