We could get groceries together, Sunday morning breakfasts at places that serve overpriced fruit bowls, walk 7th…Walk the seawall, do photo shoots, go to gigs, read in bed together. Explore restaurants … find new tidal pools, bike rides, Dancing, no destination road trips … watching flicks, make soup. Late night beach visits, go to an orchestra, hold hands and kiss in the rain, fuck all morning and never leave the apartment. Get dressed up and go out for dinner, cuddle the shit out of each other, baths every night, be creative in the same room. Eclectic coffee shops, matching tattoos, symphony of lights, in depth convos about cabinet articles, prop making for shoots … Have dinner parties, dance parties for two, watch our favorite shows, Art galleries, sunsets on benches, day trips to the islands, night walks in neighbourhoods … Skating at robson, decorating the apt, ice cream at english bay, wine in bed. Spa days together, frisbee in big open parks, make stiff drinks for each other after a shitty day, a frisky new kitten. Simply staying at home and being lazy, running errands, trips to chapters. Cooking together, reading erotic stories to each other, massages, making playlists with each other, Burgoo. Bath tub blow jobs, eating chocolate for dinner, evening walks to make us tired, laundry days. Slipping love notes in jacket pockets, bringing lunch to your work, window shopping jewelry stores, key lime pie excursions. Trips around the skytrain, making apple crisp, spooning in the morning, taking care of each other when one is sick. Watching you put on my clothes, our first Christmas tree, spur of the moment trips to Honey, kissing my neck as I fall asleep. Buying new underwear for you, fucking 4 times without getting out of bed, attempting roller blading, reading in parks. Surfing for seat sales to SF or NY, baking each others birthday cake from scratch, hidden hickies and swollen cupcakes. Keeping you in bed when you’re supposed to go to the gym, late night convos about nothing, warming up my toes with your legs, kissing constantly. Matching Halloween costumes, shaving each other, skinny dipping, love notes written in steam on the bathroom mirror…



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