I am here watching you do your laundry
And I want to match your socks just so you can put them on and I can take them off
Take everything off
Yes, I have a history of fainting
No, I wasn’t lying when I told you I am going to be more difficult than anyone you’ve ever dated
It has been years since my life was a picnic
where I wasn’t freaking out about the possible gluten allergies of the pigeons being fed bread in the park
But you will always feel safe knowing I will never make a piñata of your heart
You will never have to lose yourself to win me over…

Yes, I am gonna run you a bath.
That is to say I am gonna run into the rain,
over and over, with an empty glass,
til you are soaking in the certainty
that nothing falls in vain.
Wherever we land, there will always be this “they”
where I turn off the song of my sadness, and your shame,
where I stop asking what all the crying has been about.
All I know is my name could rust entirely away
in your perfect mouth.

– Andrea Gibson


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