my letter to you, today

Darlings, I have so much to say and think of you, in your whole unfinished evolution, with eagerness that makes me nervous and overjoyed. What an incredible, collective life we have, don’t you see? What a thrilling time to be a part of this, our shared story! We are all within reach; no one is more than a call, a trip, or a note away. Make the world smaller. Find the ones you want and pull them in. See the grit not as dirt to be avoided to keep yourself clean, but as the hard and necessary people and trials that give you courage and make your pearl shine. This is your oyster, sweetheart. This will be your great impact in a soft combustion of sound from a heart stronger than you can ever imagine. Listen. {lub dup… lub dup… lub dup…} Test that heart. Never be reluctant with any muscle. Use it and it will burn inside you day and night, making love while you sleep and bringing more in each day. Such a small thing with so much work to do, indeed the only work to be done, that will make your mark in this history. Let me be your witness and you be mine. Don’t let anyone get away with a stingy heart with you. Ask for their love and you will both be better for the question, regardless of how close you hold each other after. You are the rarest bud, more beautiful the more you grow. You are precious beyond expression. Your ache and desire make this world what it is and if you ever doubt your part in it, bring it closer. Pick up the phone, take a trip, write a note. Be seen and heard, but more importantly, look very carefully and listen with unconditional strength. Don’t be a skinny fat heart. Pull in the grit with the water of life and make pearls only to give them away and make more. Over and over, stretch your world and make it smaller. Love like you deserve it. Love the way someone is going to love you back. Lub dup… lub dup… lub dup.


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