Love Poem

Something like soft light, something like shadows:

This silence, this
pause before the machines
begin again:

earlier than dawn, almost
awake consciousness remembering

consciousness – itself a dream near the surface
of things – always invisible, the ghost

moving me around:

Hello, it seems to say,
be with me, but I’m
not sure.

Alone and not alone, all day
I move around, my heart knocking
against itself.

I think about the perfect agreement
between our bodies, the alliance of hips –

paradise. Our veins
mapped together for awhile:

We have traveled so much
for the territory between us
and still there is a long, long way.

Is this what love is?

On my own, I talk to people.
I turn the same corners with my blood
awake in its maze.


I keep trying to say,
but that’s not what I mean.

– Tim Seibles


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