I have things to say to you
and do to you
and take from you
and give to you

things swallowed, hidden
confused propriety
scripted somewhere
behind my mind

witheld to protect
you didn’t need that
you were ready
I wasn’t

scratch glass covered heart
fumble at buttoned flesh
confident only in desire
angry at missed feast
grasping at one last chance

you burrowed deep
unlocked a poet to
ration out affection
held up to heartless suitors
challengeing my created place
hinted at completed soul

Fuck your knowing mind
and heart
not willing to settle.
Fuck my projected person
comfortable with show
now I know my heart
and others will
never do

tear at life
pull each nail from the frame
take each second
somewhere between breaths and
sips of coffee
none of it will
be wasted on me

– Ben Whipple


check out Ben’s lovely blog HERE


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