This is what I ache for…

This is what I ache for: intimacy with myself, others and the world, intimacy that touches the sacred in all that is life. This ache, this longing is the thread that guides me back through the labyrinth of compromises I have made, back to my soul’s desires. And sometimes I am afraid of my desires- afraid of what they will ask of me, what vision of myself or the world they may offer that may demand a sacrifice of my carefully cultivated way of seeing. May we take the risk of touching all we are offered today with the deep intimacy of being fully present to ourselves & others. May we let that intimacy take us deeper into life, even if it means surrendering cherished “shoulds,” even if it means living fully who and what we are.

– Oriah Mountain Dreamer


2 thoughts on “This is what I ache for…

  1. I ache for this, too, and find that it’s not enough for me to strive for this intimacy, this full presence unless those around us strive for it too; and yet, we can’t “make” anyone strive for anything.


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