your divide

think of all the places in our bodies
where we part.

the delicate distances
between fingers and toes.
the gentle gaps
that separate tongue
from teeth
from lips.

how easily we fuse together in secret rooftop rendezvous.
we’ve built bridges of my perfume and
your cigarette smoke
which cling in the night air,
but drift away by morning.

i want to tangle my hair in your fingers,
fold myself into the skin
where your neck meets your shoulders,
enter your mouth through the gap
between your front teeth and
walk the empty halls of your veins.

i want to hear the echo of your bones cracking.
i want to sleep in the chambers of your heart.

those nights i had tried so hard to push close,
to tear away your hair and scratch apart your skin.

i only wanted to tear apart everything that separated us.
i only wanted to be whole.

– via crushedfingers


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