You lucky, lucky girl.

Listen, suckers. There is little more disappointing than to accept that the object of your admiration is not all you thought they were. You can’t mend the poor choices of others. Their mistakes are not yours and usually have zilch to do with you. You can grieve briefly for the person you believed they could be, but you cannot make them feel remorse. You measured, found them wanting, and have to change your own story. Get angry and get on the high road. Stop looking for an apology. God, I have no idea how much time I’ve wasted waiting for an apology from the not-enoughs. Don’t expect “sorry” to do anything for you and don’t seek justice when someone couldn’t reach the bar in the first place. It’s not a fair fight. Don’t sacrifice your grace to someone who chooses to live without any. Remember, they have to wake up and be them tomorrow. Stop all this wallowing I see. You’re a live one. Some folks only want the heart-dead and head-dumb ones. You’re so much better than you know. It’s their loss. Their low, long, lonely road. – Yours, truly.

“leaving is not enough; you must / stay gone. train your heart / like a dog. change the locks / even on the house he’s never / visited. you lucky, lucky girl…” – Marty McConnell


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